Soft Skills

Soft skills indicate if you are able to evolve and adapt. Indeed, career and diplomas are important, but Soft Skills are very important because the will help define if you are a team player, able to build a good relationship with your teammates and your customers.

Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE Soft Skills

You might be wondering why you should be thinking about your lifeline? "I have the opportunity to look back at our journeys, whether personal or professional, to really understand what they were and to look inside myself, in order to be able to choose the direction I wanted to go."

What is a lifeline? I explained it to you and underlined the importance of understanding where we come from, to be able to set a course for the future. As the proverb goes: When you no longer know where you're going, turn around and look where you've come from.

The lifeline is an exercise commonly used by students and professional participants at HEC

Ligne de vie Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
PJB - Blason

The coat of arms is an exercise regularly used in personal development, including for HEC students, and which has been specially adapted for introspection.


It takes the form of a visual representation of who you are, it's basically a metaphor for yourself.

This coat of arms is an individual creation that you will have at your disposal in front of you on a wall, at home or in the office, to allow you to refer to it regularly and to remind you of who you are and why you are on the path you have chosen.

Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE Assessfirst profil

AssessFirst helps you to anticipate your candidates’ ability to be at ease and to collaborate productively with their future manager as well as their future team. To do this, we rely on a predictive algorithm for affinity that we’ve been developing for more than 5 years.

Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE est un profil de type "A-Player".

Les profils "A-player" possèdent des capacités d'adaptation hors du commun, apprennent rapidement et sont résolument tournés vers l'action. Ils ont tendance à réussir et à progresser facilement, indépendamment de l'environnement dans lequel ils sont amenés à évoluer.

Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE is an "A-Player" type profile.
A-Player profiles have unusually strong adaptability, learn very quickly and are strongly action-oriented. They have a tendency to succeed and progress easily, regardless of the environment in which they're likely to evolve.

Brain Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Drive Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Shape Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Details Shape Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Key Behaviors Shape Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Adequacy General Manager Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment delivers enduring and invaluable insight into your personality preferences. Based on sound psychological theory and backed by more than 70 years of research, it’s the world’s best-known and most widely used  personality assessment

Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE Assessfirst profil

Ensize provides analytical tools for evaluation and long-term change and development work within talent, leadership, organisation and human behavior.

Ensize's work involves close co-operation with psychologists, behavioural scientists and business developers with many years of experience in the field of assessments, change and development.

Ensize DISC - Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Puzzle Ensize DISC - Philippe JEAN-BAPTI
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Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate.


Observe and understand your own behavior. Understand the behavior of others and know how to communicate with them effectively. 


Analyze conflict and miscommunication and know how to find resolution and a return to effective communication

The Process Communication Model is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user to understand how and why people communicate.

By getting to know yourself and understanding the personality types of the people in your life, you can dramatically change the way you communicate and motivate.

Process Com - Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Process Communication Philippe JEAN-BAPT
Process Com Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE
Philippe JEAN-BAPTISTE PCM Process communication profil